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We take pride in letting you know that you are interviewing with the world’s largest Edtech Company and the reason for our exceptional growth lies in the DNA that we have. A true Byjuite defines his/her own limits in terms of efforts and rewards.  There is no bar on the amount of incentive you can earn.

Average incentive earned by a BDA in the system is around 30k monthly but our best associates make even 70-80k of incentive every month apart from their fixed salary. On an average, a performing associate gets his 1st opportunity in 1.5-2 years to become a manager and head a team of 20 people. And we have seen  the best of the associates can even become a manager even before completing a year.

The entire development journey will have two phases:

  1. 5 day SGDP (Sales Grooming & Development Program)
  2. 3 weeks OJT (On the Job Training)

1. SGDP (Sales Grooming & Development Program): BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE

To begin with , you will be enrolled for a 5 days  Sales Grooming & Development Program. The SGDP would be physical from the office location and will include theoretical aspect of BYJU’S sales process. 

  • You will get well-versed with the organization, our products, and how to interact with customers. 

  • You will be involved in various activities during this phase & you will be rigorously evaluated at different intervals.

  • During this period, you will gain knowledge, platform to practice your sales skill as well as feedback to enhance your capabilities from our team of experienced facilitators.

  • These 5 days are purely invested in your learning and there would be no remuneration provided during this period.

 The enrolled candidates who satisfactorily complete the SGDP phase will be given an opportunity to move to the next phase which is i.e On Job Training(OJT).

 OJT involves 3 weeks training program which will be also physical from the office location and on successful completion of this training program,applicants will be given an opportunity to join us as a Business Development Associate with BYJUs.


  • The OJT Phase will start for the candidates who have successfully cleared the SGDP.

  • Candidates will be expected to generate revenue by implementing the theoretical knowledge acquired during the first phase into practice during the final 3 weeks of the OJT phase.

  • Following the completion of the OJT, all input and output numbers will be closely monitored and reviewed to evaluate your eligibility to apply for the Business Development Associate (BDA) position at BYJU’S.

Only qualifying trainees will become eligible to be offered as BDAs. (Subject to approval from management).

he entire role will be for 6 days a week(Monday would be an off). The assessment parameters will include performance metrics, process adherence, behavioral aspects, quality audits, and feedback from the manager/ trainer and HR Team.

Upon successfully passing the training program, you become eligible to be offered the role of BDA – Inside Sales at 8 LPA(5 fixed + 3 variable). You will be able to start the job in the offered ‘Role location’ only after you join the organization as a BDA

Allowance (ATP during OJT): INR 1250 / Week + INR 1250 Travel Allowance Once in OJT Tenure

STIPEND (ATP during OJT): Additional Stipend of 18000 for target completion of 2 valid sales and 6 valid conduction

CTC (BDA – post qualification after training): INR 7,00,000 (4 Lakh fixed pay + 3 lakh performance pay) for Inside Sales 


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