Intro to Selenium WebDriver with .NET Core

Selenium WebDriver is a popular tool for automating web browser interactions, and .NET Core is a cross-platform framework developed by Microsoft. Combining Selenium WebDriver with .NET Core allows you to create powerful and platform-independent web automation scripts. In this introduction, I’ll walk you through the basics of using Selenium WebDriver with .NET Core.


Learn to write your very first automated script using Selenium WebDriver with .NET Core

  • Intro to Selenium WebDriver with .NET Core
  • Chapter 1 – Installation
  • Chapter 2 – Intro to MsTest
  • Chapter 3 – Selenium WebDriver Overview
  • Chapter 4 – Coding Your First Test Using .NET Core
  • Chapter 5 – Enhancing Your Test
  • Chapter 6 – Conclusions and What’s Next?

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