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Microsoft Outlook 2021 Free Online Course

Microsoft Outlook 2021: Microsoft Outlook 2021 is a productivity tool that helps you keep track of your schedules and email communication. This practical Outlook tutorial covers the features and functions of MS Outlook and lays out its interface and settings while explaining how to customize the program to suit your preferences. Email forms the backbone of much professional communication so this course suits anyone who wants to make the most of this powerful tool.

What you get from Microsoft Outlook 2021

Outline the interface of MS Outlook 2021
Explain how to add and configure new email accounts
Identify and customize the settings and ‘quick access’ toolbar
Highlight the features of ‘Outlook Today’
Label and manage your emails with MS Outlook 2021
Lay out the steps required to compose emails and insert attachments
Recognize the steps and commands used to manage your emails and inbox
Categorize your emails and conversations in MS Outlook 2021
Identify emails by assigning them to folders and subfolders
Select your preferred email format and create new emails
Explain how to search, delete and archive your emails
Arrange and process messages with email rules
Outline the steps used to select ‘advanced messaging’ options

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