Service APIs through Test Automation

In this course we’ll be discussing the importance of service API testing.

  • What exactly is a service API, and why is it so important to make sure that they have their own thorough test cycle?
  • We’ll also be looking at some tools for API discovery and exploration, so you can see exactly which APIs your products are using.
  • We’ll do a deeper dive into the Postman tool, so you can really dig into those APIs.
  • We’ll go over the P.O.I.S.E.D. testing heuristic, so you can improve and expand your test strategy.
  • Finally, we’ll bring it all together by showing how you can use Postman to run automated tests, do data-driven testing and include your tests in a continuous integration environment.

So, let’s begin.

Note : This course was designed with dynamic learning examples throughout. Although transcripts are provided for each lesson, in order to obtain the maximum learning experience, I strongly encourage you to watch each video so you can see things in action.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Intro to API Testing

  • What is an API
  • Who is the end user of an API?
  • Why is it important to test the API?
  • Tools for viewing APIs— Web Dev Tools (Chrome and Firefox) and Proxies

Lesson 2: Postman Tool

  • Postman Installation
  • Basic Requests
  • Importing Requests
  • Creating Collections

Lesson 3: API Test Strategy (POISED)

  • 3.0 Preparing the test environment
  • 3.1 Parameters
  • 3.2 Output
  • 3.3 Interoperability
  • 3.4 Security
  • 3.5 Exceptions
  • 3.6 Data

Lesson 4: API Automation in Postman

  • 4.1 Basic tests
  • 4.2 Data-driven tests
  • 4.3 Advanced Tests
  • 4.4 Continuous Integration with Newman


Learn about API testing and best practices related to that

  • Exploring Service APIs through Test Automation
  • Chapter 1 – Intro to API testing
  • Chapter 2 – Exploring APIs with Postman
  • Chapter 3.0 – POISED API testing strategy
  • Chapter 3.1 – Parameters
  • Chapter 3.2 – Output
  • Chapter 3.3 Interop
  • Chapter 3.4 – Security
  • Chapter 3.5 – Errors
  • Chapter 3.6 – Data
  • Chapter 4.1 – Your First Test
  • Chapter 4.2 – Data-Driven Tests
  • Chapter 4.3 – Advanced Tests
  • Chapter 4.4 – Newman
  • Course Resources

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